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FEI Congressional Scorecard


How well does Congress represent the interests of senior-level financial executives? To find out, FEI’s Government Affairs department in Washington, D.C., developed a “Congressional Scorecard” to rate lawmakers’ records on votes taken in Congress on FEI’s priority issues. Lawmakers’ “Vote Records” are calculated by identifying so-called “key votes” based on FEI advocacy committee and overall membership priorities and calculating the percentage of times lawmakers cast votes in support of FEI’s positions out of the total of key votes taken. “Wrong votes” were also recorded and decreased lawmakers’ overall vote record. The scorecard also reveals the overall House and Senate voting records, as well as the Republican, Democratic, and Independent voting records on these issues.

FEI hopes to use the scorecard as a tool in its advocacy efforts. The scorecard not only allows FEI’s advocacy committees and Government Affairs department to measure Congressional support for FEI’s legislative agenda, it also gives FEI members valuable information on how their Senators and Representatives voted on issues important to them. At the same time, the scorecard gives FEI an opportunity to provide feedback to lawmakers on how they are voting on FEI priorities and to make them accountable for their votes. Communicating to your Congressman and Senators about their support for FEI’s legislative agenda is another important way to reinforce our efforts to get your issues heard in Congress.

To view the FEI Congressional Scorecard, click here.

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