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CPE Frequently Asked Questions


Questions? Please contact Nancy Ehlers via email or phone, 973.765.1099.


I attended a chapter meeting on this date and my credits aren't showing as available yet.

Typically, credits for CPE approved meetings will be available upon receipt of the sign in sheet, usually within 3-7 days of the actual meeting date.  If you attended a meeting, signed in and you still don't see your credits, please contact your chapter administrator or the CPE center at CPE@financialexecutives.org for additional assistance.

As meetings are submitted for CPE credit approval, although rare, they may not always meet approval for the content.  Unfortunately, the meeting may have offered credits but did not meet the standards set by NASBA.  You can contact your chapter administrator or the CPE center at CPE@financialexecutives.org to determine if this is the reason your credit is not available.

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I listened to a live webcast over the telephone. Can I qualify for CPE credit?

To be eligible for CPE credit when listening to a webcast via conference call, you must also log into the live webcast online to view slides and respond to polling questions. You must still meet the minimum online participation time, poll and feedback requirements listed below. Due to NASBA participation requirements, we are unable to issue CPE for those who are only listening via conference call.

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How can I qualify for CPE credit for a webcast?

CPE credit is offered for live webcasts only at noted (archived webcast viewing is not eligible). To be eligible for CPE credit, you must meet all of the minimum eligibility criteria. This criteria is in effect for webcasts held on or after December 11, 2007.

To receive 1 credit, in addition to an Accumulated Viewing Time of 50 minutes, you must answer 3 or more polls, and complete the Survey in FEI’s CPE Center.   An Accumulated Viewing Time of 75 minutes, answering 5 or more polls, and completing the survey earns 1.5 credits.

*Please note: webcasts award CPE credit in increments of 0, 1 or 1.5 (i.e, an accumulated viewing time of less than 50 minutes will qualify for 0 CPE credits, rather than 0.5 credit).

Important Note:

  • You must register for the webcast on FEI’s website by using your log-in credentials.

  • Your Accumulated Viewing Time must occur during the live webcast. Please take into account the minute or so that it may take you to log into the webcast. Time prior to the start of the webcast (i.e., while the hold music is playing) or after the end of the webcast (e.g., being redirected to FEI’s CPE Center) does not qualify.

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I attended a meeting on this date and I can't find the meeting in the CPE Center.

Please look on the incomplete credits page (not the certificates page) of the CPE Center to take the required Evaluation test.  Once you complete the short evaluation form, your certificate will be available to view and print on the certificates page.

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I am not a member of FEI, but I attended a meeting that offered CPE credits. How do I retrieve them?

If you are not a member of FEI and you attend a meeting in which you want to receive the available credits, there are two things that must be done.  1)  You must have an account on financialexecutives.org to receive your certificate.  If you register for a chapter meeting on the website, you created an account with log-in and password.  2)  Using these same log-in credentials, you will be able to access the CPE Center to retrieve available credits. If you need assistance with log-in credentials, please email membership@financialexecutives.org or call 877-359-1070 for personal assistance.

If you did not registered for the meeting online at www.financialexecutives.org, you will need to speak to your chapter administrator to find out how to get an account created for you.

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Is participation in a live webcast considered group-study or self-study?

Participation in a live webcast is considered group-study. Credit is based on the scheduled length of the live program, with one 50-minute period equal to one (1) CPE credit. Most webcasts are scheduled for 60 minutes or one CPE credit.

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Some of the credits I’ve earned aren’t listed on the certificates page, or recently "disappeared." Where are they?

The FEI CPE center is designed to comply with NASBA regulations, which state that only credits earned within the current cycle count towards compliance.  Therefore, the certificates page only lists credits earned after the “most recent audit” date in your CPE profile.  If you have multiple profiles, the system lists all credits earned after the earliest-dated profile.

If you would still like to be able to view or print certificates for credits earned prior to your most recent audit, you can set your profile to an older date, or create a second profile with an older date.

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There is a big list under my name of incomplete credits and I don't know what they are.

As an FEI member, the award-winning FE Magazine as well as certain publications from the FEI Research Foundation (FERF) are available to you as a member benefit for free and offer additional CPE credits.  Typically these credits are received by reading specific FE Magazine or FERF articles offered and completing the review and examination questions.  If you pass the examination, these CPE credits will be available to you.

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Can I watch an archived webcast and qualify for CPE credit?

Unfortunately no – only participation during the live webcast qualifies for CPE credit.

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I went to a chapter meeting and the credits aren't showing as available to me. Everyone else got theirs already, where are mine?

When you attend a meeting that is eligible for CPE credits, it is imperative that you sign the available CPE sheets that are usually located at the registration table.  NASBA, who regulates the CPE credit distribution, requires a signature of the attendee to prove attendance.  When we receive the signature sheets, we release the credits to the signatures on the list.  If there is no sheet, ask to sign the attendance sheet that the administrator has.  Please remember to write clearly!  If you forgot to sign but are sure you attended the meeting, please contact cpe@financialexecutives.org, so we can speak with your chapter's administrator for confirmation.

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Can everyone in my office watch a webcast and receive CPE credit if I am the only person who registered and paid for the webcast?

Unfortunately, no.  Only those individuals who have registered for the webcast and have met the criteria are eligible for CPE credit.

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The moderator of the webcast did not indicate any poll questions during the webcast. How can I qualify for CPE credit?

Webcasts uses two types of poll questions to track participation:

  • Content polls - The webcast moderator will ask a question related to the webcast discussion. The question and response options will be in the webcast screen. Please select an option to respond.

  • CPE verification polls – The webcast moderator will indicate that a CPE verification poll has been asked. The question and response options will be in the webcast screen. Please select Yes or No to respond.

Please read the eligibility requirements above for the number of poll questions to which you must respond to qualify for CPE credit.

Polls must be responded to using the radio buttons on the screen beneath the poll question. Responses submitted using the "Questions" button on the screen or via e-mail do not qualify.

If you encounter technical difficulties during a live webcast that prevent you from being able to respond using the radio buttons, please click on the "Help" button on the webcast screen for assistance.

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Will I receive a certificate of completion after participating in a Webcast?

Qualifying participants will receive access to the NASBA required evaluation within 3-5 business days of each webcast on FEI’s CPE Center. The online certificate is available immediately upon completion of the evaluation.

To obtain CPE credit, you'll need to go FEI's CPE Center at /cpe with the log-in information that you used to register for the webcast.

The Incomplete Credits page shows a list of programs that are pending completion of the CPE evaluation form. Click on the desired session to receive credit and complete the evaluation.  Your certificate will be available for viewing or printing on the “certificates” page.

Please retain a copy of it for your own CPE records and submit a copy to your State Board for approval.