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In the current economic environment, companies have rewritten the rules for Information Technology (IT) investment. Unlike past periods of business transformation, companies cannot afford to simply throw money into IT investment and see what “sticks.” Increasingly, IT organizations are being asked to enhance their productivity generate more business value and deliver solutions that enable organizations to make good decisions based on knowledge rather than data.

This community, a members-only benefit, provides FEI members the opportunity to learn more about new technology solutions that can help their companies work more efficiently and effectively, and share their experience with other members.

Key Community Objectives
  • Examine new IT solutions.
  • Provide a forum for information sharing and professional networking with peers, allowing members to exchange best practices with their colleagues.
  • Discuss findings from current IT research and develop research topics for Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF).
  • Collaborate on IT research projects for FERF, and help FERF disseminate research reports to other members of FEI.
  • Conduct outreach to peers through this Community of Interest.

Community Activities

Quarterly conference calls to present and discuss IT solutions and related issues of interest to this Community of Interest.

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NOTE:  This Community of Interest is a members-only benefit.  If you are interested in becoming
an FEI member, please visit our 'JOIN FEI' online application page.


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