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Theory Meets Practice Forum

Theory Meets Practice

This community, a members-only benefit, provides FEI academic and practitioner members the opportunity to interact in an open forum. FEI academic members will benefit by exposure to best practices in financial management, and FEI practitioner members will benefit by exposure to the latest practical academic research.

Key Community Objectives

  • Foster personal development and growth among (1) financial professionals working in an academic setting, (2) accounting and finance professors and deans, enabling those members to better serve their colleges/universities, undergraduate and graduate students and corporate training clients and (3) senior-level financial executives in practice.
  • Provide a forum for information sharing and professional networking with peers, allowing members to exchange best practices with their colleagues and assist each other with issue resolution.
  • Discuss findings from current research and develop research topics for Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF).
  • Collaborate on research projects for FERF, and help FERF disseminate research reports to other members of FEI, policymakers and regulators.
  • Conduct outreach to peers through this community of interest.

Community Activities

Quarterly conference calls to cover timely and relevant research topics and issues of interest to the community.  Calls may be more frequent, depending on interest levels.
Possible in-person meetings, if desired by community members.

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NOTE:  This community is a members-only benefit.  If you are interested in becoming
an FEI member, please visit our 'JOIN FEI' online application page.

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