How Finance Teams Chart a Course to Improve Planning and Forecasting with Advanced Analytics

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Presented by IBM Analytics and Financial Executives International
1 Hour
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Many companies report financial results but they don't necessarily know how to make decisions based on the results. For these companies, the underlying issue isn't a lack of data; the issue is that these companies are not fully equipped to interpret the data they have. Given your finance team's cross-functional role and experience with analyzing data, your team should be the most adept at translating data into insights to support decisions.
How can you lead your finance team to improve your company's approach to forecasting, planning and decision making? During this Webcast, you will learn how you can apply technological advances in analytics, including the emergence of Big Data, to enable your finance team to:
  • collaborate with colleagues outside finance to determine whether your organization is gathering information it needs to make decisions;
  • identify opportunities to improve not only how your organization collects, but also how it analyzes, the information it does have; and
  • develop plans and refine forecasts that reflect both your organization's overarching goals and the economic environment in which you do business.


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