Financial Executive: November 2011

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2011 Hall of Fame

2011 Hall of Fame

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Charting a direct course for interim and year-end tax provisions — using a sustainable risk-based approach — can save time and optimize use of company talent.


Ongoing collaborations among FEI members, the National Association of Corporate Directors, The Institute of Internal Auditors and the Center for Audit Quality are providing valuable information for understanding the conditions that foster fraud and helping to develop steps to control and deter it.

Enterprise Risk Management

In the wake of the financial crisis, many are wondering about the role of boards of directors in enterprise risk management. Results of a major study provide a set of best practices to help boards in getting up to speed on their oversight responsibilities.


For the past eight decades, the financial profession has been well served by an extraordinary group of executives, political leaders, regulators, policymakers and thinkers. Here are some of their stories.

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From the President

Proper regulation is never a bad thing, but government overreach can leave businesses seriously disrupted, or worse.

Financial Reporting

U.S. companies are likely to be faced with a multi-year period over which many potentially significant new accounting pronouncements would need to be implemented. Companies should consider early planning and readiness activities to prepare.

Private Companies

Focus attention on the “right” sales factors or value drivers that make a business attractive to potential buyers.

Unique Companies FEI Members Work For: This month Joseph Roth, chief financial officer of MGQ is featured.

FE Online Exclusives

Online Exclusive

Since most recruiters and companies show less interest in hiring those over the age of 50, if you’re currently job searching, here are three steps to increase your chances of finding your next job.