Financial Executive: May 2012

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Social Technology - The Next Frontier

Social Technology - The Next Frontier

Social technology for business is much more than networking on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Understanding its most critical foundational concepts, and how to integrate them into a business strategy, can be a game-changer for 21st century companies.

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Financial executives can be engaged in reenergizing America’s success and economic leadership by understanding the patterns, enabling the mindsets and training to unleash the core strength of U.S. companies: their innovative edge.


New tax technologies enable process improvement over the entire tax lifecycle, pursuit of significant value creation and sound tax risk management, bringing the tax function on par with finance.


Security breaches are so inevitable that a major part of any company’s strategy planning is not only securing current operations, but building a coordinated defense against future attacks.

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FEI has always recognized and supported the need for auditor independence and impartiality, but mandatory auditor rotation is not the answer.

Financial Reporting Column

As tempting as it is to search for a single model that will prevent structuring — or, depending on one’s point of view, limit judgment — a single model cannot provide relevant information that faithfully presents the underlying economics of all leasing transactions in the financial statements.

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The 2001 and 2003 tax rates expire Dec. 31, and unless new legislation allows for business income to be separated from personal income, all tax rates will need to be extended.

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As the “CEO of Me,”’ each job candidate is responsible for creating and marketing his or her own unique brand. It’s an essential tool in today’s competitive career arsenal.