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Acquire More, Fail Less: A Growth Acceleration Strategy for a Rapidly Changing World

Acquire More, Fail Less: A Growth Acceleration Strategy for a Rapidly Changing World

In today’s rapidly changing world, executives ignore mergers, acquisitions and other innovative partnerships at their peril. Financial leaders should not forego acquisitions; they should forego handling them so poorly.

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Enterprise Risk Management
Even the best enterprise risk management systems need regular maintenance — or tune-ups — as conditions in the dynamic business environment are constantly changing, both internally and externally; ignoring warning signals can be costly.
Even with the financial crisis largely behind us, goodwill impairment continues to grab headlines. Here’s an examination of the issues preparers should consider, given the FASB’s updated guidance in ASU 2011-08 and regulatory concerns.
Health Care
Though company-provided health insurance is the cornerstone to a comprehensive total rewards strategy that savvy employers use to attract and retain the brightest workers, ever-increasing premiums have forced companies to push more costs onto workers — but even that is reaching a saturation point. 

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The framework found five main areas where guidance might vary: recognition and measurement, disclosure, presentation, effective date and transition method. 
Washington Beat
Eliminating many corporate tax expenditures, Obama would retain some — including the R&D tax credit — which have broader economic benefits.