Financial Executive: November 2013

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Meet the Class of 2013

Meet the Class of 2013

This year’s three inductees bring to 23 the number of exceptional financial executives in FEI’s Hall of Fame since its launch in 2006. The Hall of Fame provides recognition to senior-level executives who have epitomized the performance, leadership and integrity of the most exemplary financial professionals throughout their careers, and in doing so, have made significant contributions to the betterment of their respective organizations and to the profession as a whole. Proceeds benefit the work of Financial Executives Research Foundation, the research affiliate of FEI.

Feature Article

M&A :: CPE
Conditions driving mergers and acquisitions are as good as they have been in a long time, given the historically low interest rates, record corporate cash balances and relatively low corporate organic growth opportunities.
With the plethora of organizations involved in the accounting standard-setting process, it is important to understand the roles of the various organizations and which standards apply to which entities.
Unclaimed Property
Once considered a mundane ministerial function, virtually all states over the past decade have stepped up enforcement in an effort to re-unite unclaimed property with its owners.
As business ventures and data continue to cross borders, organizations are facing new challenges when it comes to regulatory scrutiny across the globe.

Every Issue

Washington Beat
As retirement plans have matured and demographics changed, they have become more dependent on investment income rather than on contribution income to meet obligations.
FInancial Reporting
So, after more than five years of deliberations, the key question being asked by stakeholders is:  “Should my company be spending resources now in preparation of a new leasing standard or will it be a wasted effort?”
Balance Sheet
Sam Touchstone dreamed he would grow up to be an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. but in officer’s candidate school a knee injury drove him to change direction and discover accounting was what he was really meant to do.
The combined major would prepare students for a long-term career within financial management, rather than just their first position.