Financial Instruments in Focus at FASB, IASB

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Financial Instruments in Focus at FASB, IASB

The subject of financial instruments is set to receive a fair amount of focus at this week's joint FASB-IASB board meeting.

Last week, FASB discussed Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Disclosures. Details are in FASB's board handout and results of the meeting are in a Summary of Board Decisions in FASB's News Center.

Also last week, FASB ratified three tentative consensuses of its Emerging Issues Task Force, and will provide a 90-day comment period before finalizing them. See FASB's April 9 Summary of Board Decisions.

In a joint meeting this week, FASB and IASB are to discuss a number of topics, including a fair amount of discussion on Financial Instruments: Classification and Measurement, as well as other topics including Insurance Contracts.

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