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FERF surveys helps FEI members benchmark their financial management operations and practices against those of other companies. Surveys are linked only when ongoing. If you have not already taken the current survey, please click on the survey link below and participate now!


Open Surveys


Revenue Recognition Survey 2015


This survey explores executives' perspectives on key considerations for companies implementing the new standard from adoption method, overall readiness to accounting policy decisions to systems, controls and process changes. The final report will allow you to benchmark against your peers as to where you are on the implementation of the new standard.



Disclosure Effectiveness Survey


This survey is intended to provide financial executives with better information in identifying current financial reporting trends and practices. It will help senior level financial executives consider how to best streamline their own company's disclosures and allow them to benchmark their disclosures against those of their peers. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey and help us better understand what, if any, actions you have taken to improve your financial reports.



2015 Goodwill Impairment Survey

Each year, Duff & Phelps partners with FERF to examine industry trends for goodwill and goodwill impairment of U.S. companies. FERF is launching the 2015 survey to continue supplementing these trends, to gauge the breadth of Step 0 testing and the extent of adoption of the PCC accounting alternatives for goodwill and intangible assets.


FERF surveys FEI members annually on Audit Fees, Executive Compensation, Financial Operations, Goodwill Impairment and Technology Issues. Other surveys are done on timely and relevant topics, such as health care, financing, and XBRL tagging.
Our goal is to get FEI members to share useful information with their peers, because the more members participate, the better information we all have to work with.
We always welcome your suggestions on how to provide better information more efficiently. Please let us know if there are other topics on which you would like us to survey members by contacting Bill Sinnett, Senior Director of Research, at or 973-765-1004.