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What is FERF?

Established in 1944, Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) is the research affiliate of Financial Executives International (FEI). FERF is a non-profit, non-political, educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. Although closely affiliated with FEI, FERF is a separate and independent organization not supported by FEI member dues. FERF depends upon the voluntary, charitable contributions of individuals, corporations and local FEI Chapters for funding to realize its mission. FERF is proud to have FEI as its founding member and longest-standing donor.
FERF's Mission is to provide knowledge and insight that enables informed decision-making by financial executives and their organizations.
“The work of FERF is critical today. The world of accounting and finance is complex and getting even more so. FERF provides an objective view of this world. We get hundreds of e-mails offering advice, which we take with a grain of salt, but we know that FERF’s research is independent and objective. No other organization provides such an objective view of the financial world. That makes the great research that FERF does an incredible value to us.”
Prat Bhatt
SVP, Corporate Controller & Principal Accounting Officer
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Current FEI Vice-Chair & former FERF Chair 2013-2014
"It's easy to feel overburdened with the seemingly endless stream of information and news outlets available to busy executives - and who to believe? FERF is a proven resource to FEI's members that provides unbiased, thoughtful and well-researched reporting on topics that are timely and actionable. FERF has been successfully focused on this for over 7 decades."
Edward (Ted) Weller
Chief Accounting Officer
Federal Home Loan Bank, Pittsburgh
Current FERF Chair & former FERF Research Chair 2014-2015

The Research – Unique, timely, relevant, practical and objective
FERF research investigates the evolving role of senior-level financial executives, practices of financial management and techniques to improve its effectiveness. FERF works closely with FEI technical committees, such as the Committee on Corporate Reporting (CCR), the Committee on Finance & IT (CFIT), and the Committee on Governance, Risk & Compliance (CGRC) to determine research topics and survey FEI members on issues that are important to them as senior financial executives.
The input of financial executives keeps FERF in the loop of which issues are most pressing. FERF research is topical and distributed in a format that is both timely and convenient for financial executives.

   Participate in acclaimed surveys which provide valuable data for fellow FEI members, regulators, the press, and documents current trends.
    FERF research is designed to provide solutions and insight for the professional development needs of members and their staff.
Get the scoop on the latest FERF research and current research projects as well as surveys and research interviews.
Get Involved: FERF is always looking for thought leaders - like you - to contribute to its reports.
  • FERF research is developed by financial executives for financial executives...to provide the perspective and insight needed to succeed.
  • FERF needs members willing to be interviewed and to participate in our surveys.
  • Contact Bill Sinnett at bsinnett@financialexecutives.org.
FERFPros CPE Subscription Series powered by SmartPros
In tandem with its dedication to the continuing education of senior finance executives, FERF offers an online self-study CPE program – FERFPros powered SmartPros. As part of FEI membership benefits, FEI and FERF have partnered with SmartPros Ltd. to provide FEI members with discounted, high quality CPE.

Funding Projects
FERF depends upon the voluntary, charitable contributions of individuals, corporations and FEI Chapters for funding to realize its mission. Donations are tax-deductible.

Research Sponsorship
The FERF research team works collaboratively with research sponsors to produce many of the reports each year.  Companies interested in sponsoring a research project should contact FERF Senior Director, Research Bill Sinnett at (973)765-1004 or bsinnett@financialexecutives.org.