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Want even more value from your FEI membership?
Get connected with an FEI Community!

Connect with colleagues in the same geographic region, as well as with others who have the same specialty, have the same concern about a specific issue, or are even in the same stage of their careers. This is your best opportunity to learn from your peers, and at the same time influence the direction of the industry and FEI as an organization.

▸fei chapters

Chapters connect the members in your geographic region through face-to-face events, as well as online discussions. Click here to visit the FEI Chapters page.

▸fei committees and roundtables

Committees and Roundtables are the perfect avenue for anyone willing to work with their peers to protect the financial health of businesses across the globe. Click here to visit the FEI Committees and Roundtables page.

▸fei communities of interest

Communities of Interest are your chance to really dig deep into various practice areas, e.g., taxes and internal audits, technology, mergers and acquisitions, private company finance, public company finance, and any other area where two or more members find common ground. FEI Communities of Interest are still being developed. If you have an area you are passionate about that you would like to suggest, please send FEI an email. Click here to visit the Communities of Interest page.

▸fei action teams

Action Teams offer meaningful opportunities for volunteers to provide leadership and be involved in achieving FEI’s vision and strategic plan. Click here to visit the Action Teams page.