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Ori Amiga

Ori Amiga is Vice President of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality (MR) product group, and accountable for the Commercial and Consumer MR business. He and his team are responsible for key product lines and cutting-edge technologies across HoloLens, Azure Mixed Reality Services, Windows Mixed Reality, and Holographic Capture Studios. Mr. Amiga joined Microsoft in 1999, his career followed his passion and mission of changing the world by incubating and bringing to market products that customers love. He worked on the .NET and Enterprise platform in its early days, was a key leader at the start of Microsoft’s platforms and tools in the Mobile space, and Director in the Azure Platform organization. He was one of the founding members of the HoloLens team in 2012 and has been leading Microsoft’s Mixed Reality and AI efforts in the space since. He is an avid traveler, enjoys motoring, and materializing science fiction into science fact.