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Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is Microsoft’s Chief Digital Officer and Corporate Vice President leading Microsoft Digital, a team of ~5,000 engineering and business professionals in 49 countries.

Microsoft Digital’s mission is to power, protect, and transform Microsoft and to be the voice of digital transformation in the market. Mr. Wilson is responsible for implementing that mission and accelerating the work to modernize the company’s technology, experiences, resilience, and security. This includes bringing together engineering solutions to drive innovation and productivity for ~140,000 Microsoft employees. The organization improves employee experiences to make their jobs easier and shares its transformation blueprint with customers and partners. 

Previously, Mr. Wilson had 33 years of business leadership and IT experience across multiple industries in consulting, operations, transformation, and shared services roles including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GE Capital IT Solutions and then as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Accenture for seven years.

He is a committed leader in diversity and inclusion. Previously, he served as the Global LGBTQ Network Sponsor for six years, playing a vital role in fostering Accenture’s growing community of LGBTQ people and allies. He is currently executive sponsor for the military employee resource group and an ally to numerous diversity and inclusion groups at Microsoft. He is a role model for senior leaders and focuses extensively on increasing the diversity of the global workforce. 

Originally from the United Kingdom, he spent 12 years in Florida before relocating to Seattle. He is a dual US and UK citizen. His interests include video production management, broadcasting, DJ’ing, gym, hiking, cycling, and cooking. His life philosophy is “to be passionate, caring, and authentic in equal measure. It’s worth doing in order to make a difference, grow people, keep learning and have fun.”