COSO Internal Control Certificate Course


Designing and implementing an effective system of internal control can be challenging. Adapting to rapidly changing business models, new technologies or globalization requires the system to be agile. An internal control system requires the use of judgment to monitor and assess its effectiveness, and the system needs to provide insight on the application of controls.

Now is the time to develop your internal controls expertise and stand out from the crowd. The COSO Internal Control Certificate program offers you a unique opportunity to develop an expertise in designing, implementing and conducting an internal control system.

This 25.5-credit program takes you through the Framework from start to finish and through the use of real-world scenarios, allows you to:

  • understand the principles-based approach;
  • recognize ways to identify, analyze and respond to risks in your business ;
  • develop a confidence in the internal control system;
  • learn from experts and share your experiences with your peers;

“A fantastic experience that was well worth the travel time and cost to attend. Instructors were exceptional both in their ability to present the material and their level of expertise in the field.”

COSO Internal Control Certificate Workshop includes:

  • Before the workshop - Two pre-requisite, self-study courses taking about 4 ½ hours to complete. It is recommended that these are completed within four week prior to the live workshop.Participants will earn 4.5 CPE credits upon completion.
  • In-person 2 ½ day workshop - COSO Participants will earn 21 CPE credits upon completion.
  • After the workshop - The COSO Internal Control Certificate online exam can be completed at a date and time that works best for you within 90 days of finishing the learning program. Upon passing the exam or completion of the program, including the exam, you will receive a PDF certificate suitable for printing and framing and a digital badge that can be easily shared with your professional network.


Ron Kral

Kral Ussery, LLC