Solidifying Your Role as a CFO Using Data Analytics

If you cannot join us for the two days of Summit, you can still come to the post conference workshop.

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Technology is constantly changing…becoming more powerful, cost effective, and pervasive. There is a major focus on data-driven decision making and creating the modern, data-driven enterprise. Every industry is being impacted; finance is not immune; data technologies are transforming how financial executives work and fundamentally changing how businesses operate.

In order to stay ahead of these changes, financial executives need to understand the current trends and capabilities of modern data technologies. This session will cover (and demonstrate) current trends and capabilities of modern, cloud-based data analytics tools and offer practical guidance on how to take advantage of these capabilities. This course will also investigate how cloud-based technologies are influencing current trends and what to consider when evaluating cloud-based tools. Finally, we will investigate how Artificial Intelligence, often called Machine Learning, can transform the finance industry.

Gain knowledge on current trends and capabilities in the world of data analytics, including potential issues to consider in terms of data security and storage with modern cloud-based technologies. Understanding current trends as well as the practical concepts associated with analytics will help you leverage these technologies to improve business performance. Participants will see actual demonstrations of these capabilities and see how their organizations can quickly use data to make better decisions.


John Tate

Data Scientist

Dale Tuttle

Partner and Practice Leader