IPsP™ Integral Psychological Profile Assessment Leadership Workshop

If you cannot join us for the two days of Summit, you can still come to the post conference workshop.

Registration price includes:
  • Access to the exhibit floor
  • Lunch
  • Conference Workshop

The IPsP™ is on line assessment which measures eight core competencies: leadership, creativity, adaptability, organization, receptivity, exploration, discrimination and communication. It can help you define and/or refine your career objectives, select a course of study, develop a personal strategy for self-development and understand your specific problem-solving style. It can also be used for analyzing a team’s strengths and weaknesses as part of a group study, as a placement tool for better job satisfaction, as a training tool for enhancing competencies and as a recruitment tool across all management levels and functions.
IPsP™ has been used by people in all walks and stages of life to better understand their competencies, motivation and degree of psychological trait balance. It has also been employed successfully within corporations for human resource development and recruiting, as well as within educational institutions for more effective curriculum development.

Attend this interactive workshop to gain insight into your core competencies.   Prior to the workshop, attendees will receive a link to the IPsP™ delivered to your email inbox. The web-based assessment can be completed in about 30 minutes in the privacy of your home or office.  A profile report will be emailed directly to you, which you may share with your IPsP™ instructor, or, interpret during the workshop.  Your assessment is unique to you. You’ll be able to bring your IPSP™ report to the workshop providing you an opportunity to ask any questions, quietly reflect upon it in the workshop community of leaders or even share parts of your report with others. During the workshop, your IPsP™ instructor will work with you to help you understand your competencies so you can develop a plan to develop and enhance your competencies to help you attain your full potential.  Register for this eye-opening experience and understand what makes you tick, what’s holding you back, and how to unlock tools to move you self forward.