Chris Power

Chris Power is a Senior Manager of Technical Accounting and SEC Reporting at Salesforce. He has a unique role focused on the identification and disclosure of key Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") topics. This involves working cross-functionally with executives in the ESG, Legal, and Investor Relations teams to evaluate the quality of key ESG metrics and to expand disclosures in SEC filings to accurately reflect the efforts of the company.

In fiscal 2021, he lead Salesforce's efforts to obtain an independent third-party review over greenhouse gas emissions, the value of donated/discounted product, and progress towards key diversity targets.

Mr. Power manages the Salesforce commitments to the Accounting for Sustainability network. He is also a member of the Sector Advisory Group for the Software and IT services industry of the SASB. He has lead various workshops on how companies can successfully align with the recommendations of the TCFD.

He is a proponent of the theory of stakeholder capitalism and the role that finance can and must play in the transition to a low carbon economy.