Ms. Lori Nugent

Ever wish for an attorney who understands your business needs? I've been helping businesses with cybersecurity/privacy, including responding to ransomware and data breaches, for more than 20 years.

I'm standing by ready to add my expertise to yours to help you maximize digital disruption opportunities while reducing legal risks. It's easy to get started with a simple 30 minute consultation - to talk through an issue, or to consider options for helping you make cybersecurity/privacy a competitive advantage for your organization.

• First responder for ransomware and data breaches since 2003 -- stopped counting years ago at 1000
• Cybersecurity/Privacy Law Founder, working with C-Suite execs, boards of directors, buy-side and sell-
side mergers and acquisitions, and helping to reduce sales friction surrounding procurement
cybersecurity/privacy requirements
• Collaborative sounding board for leaders and emerging leaders

A calm voice in the eye of whatever cybersecurity/privacy storm emerges, years ago I stopped counting at 1,000 breaches and ransomware incidents defended. I've been on the frontlines since hackers started attacking healthcare organizations and financial institutions, and have served as a trusted cybersecurity/privacy advisor in just about any market sector you can name, including aviation, healthcare, retail, financial institutions, energy/utilities, public entities, hospitality, gaming, technology, higher education, manufacturing and professional services.

For example, I served as lead incident response and defense counsel responding to the largest breach in my client’s market sector. Legal defenses built into the response ultimately led to settlement of a $6.5 billion data breach class action for less than six figures. Related investigations by over 20 state and federal regulators were closed without assessment of any fines, penalties, or corrective actions. My client's board of directors received a national award for their handling of the incident.

M&A example: two weeks before closing an $8.7 Billion deal, Buyer learned that there had been a misunderstanding -- Seller's thousands of retail locations were not PCI compliant. I was called to help. Working collaboratively with stakeholders, we crafted a solution that fairly protected both sides. The deal closed on time.

I've been involved in cyber insurance since the beginning, and enjoy working with businesses, brokers and insurers on cyber insurance issues.

Let's thrive in disruption, maximizing opportunities and reducing legal risks together!