Mariana Fagnilli

Mariana Fagnilli, JD, LLM, Vice President, Global Office of Diversity & Inclusion with Liberty Mutual Insurance is a Human Rights and International Law Attorney, with over 20 years of experience, Having worked in Banking and Telecommunications for several years, she has over 15 years of experience in Healthcare, leading the development and implementation of advocacy and diversity & inclusion strategies. Ms. Fagnilli creates comprehensive initiatives of significant impact for the business and the communities while creating opportunities for employee engagement and leadership growth.

Building strategic relationships with key stakeholders, and working closely with leaders across the globe, she brings her knowledge and perspective of the global political and business environments to provide support to global businesses. She creates strategic approaches to corporate sustainability by bringing her vast knowledge of rapidly-changing global affairs. One of her biggest accomplishments is the development and implementation of Health Equity programs with a focus in the U.S. and EU healthcare systems. Ms. Fagnilli understands from practical experience, that strong ecosystems of multidisciplinary stakeholders, can successfully implement shared-value activities that create positive impact in the communities in which businesses operate.

She was recognized as one of Fortune 500 Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers by the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility for her leadership qualities and continued commitment to the Hispanic community. She was also accorded Honorable Mention in the Latina Style's Latina Executive of the Year Program, based on her excellence in corporate leadership, mentorship, and dedication to working with the Hispanic communities both nationally and internationally, while creating value for the business.