Scott McGaunn

Scott McGaunn has been a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the past 25 years. He has investigated White Collar Crime and the Russian Mafia while stationed in San Francisco, and Italian Mafia Families while stationed in New York City. He spent 6 years on the Boston FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and 12 years investigating cyber criminals, intellectual property violations, and corporate espionage in New York and Boston. Most recently, he was assigned to the Counterintelligence Division, where he works on national security matters and speaks publicly on behalf of the Boston FBI. He is also an FBI certified Firearms Instructor, a member of the FBI’s Evidence Response Team, a Certified Police Instructor, and an FBI Adjunct Faculty member, teaching crime scene management domestically and internationally. Scott was stationed in New York for 9/11, lived in a safe house with the boss of the real-life “Sopranos Family”, and worked the crime scene on Boylston Street for the Boston Marathon Bombing, among other notable assignments.