Holly Grennan

Holly Grennan, Senior Director, Global Technical Accounting & Policy at NIKE, Inc., joined the company in September 2015. She ensures Nike's accounting compliance in mergers and acquisitions, new business models, and treasury accounting transactions, while providing guidance in technical accounting and accounting policy matters. She also interfaces with Nike's external accountants on accounting transactions requiring significant judgment when applying generally accepted accounting principles and was responsible for the implementation of the new Revenue and Leases accounting standards.


Prior to joining Nike, Ms. Grennan began her accounting career at Arthur Andersen and KPMG and spent several years in Dublin, Ireland working in KPMG Ireland’s Department of Professional Practice. In 2010 she left public accounting to become part of the technical accounting and policy team at Intel, Inc. where she joined CCR-FEI and began participating in the Revenue and Leases Working Groups when the standards were being drafted.