Wendy Diamond

Wendy Diamond currently serves as Deloitte Private’s U.S. Family Enterprise leader—helping multi-generational businesses navigate the unique considerations associated with family-owned enterprises. For nearly 25 years, it has been her passion and purpose to strategically advise private companies and their owners.

Her broad range of experience includes income tax and succession planning for privately owned businesses, as well as advising single family offices and the families they serve on topics ranging from family office structuring and process and technology transformation, to transfer pricing, and trust, gift and estate planning. These experiences have equipped her with the deep knowledge needed to help family enterprises identify and address issues and opportunities.

In her role as U.S. Family Enterprise leader, she focuses on the interconnectivity of the family, the business, and the ownership and helps owners think strategically about their business across generations. Recognizing that purpose is at the heart of many family businesses, she helps families infuse their unique purpose into their decision making, such as evaluating acquisitions, preparing generational transitions, developing governance models, and establishing philanthropic and community relations strategies. This work is supported by Deloitte’s talented teams who deliver a unique suite of holistic capabilities, including consulting, technology, audit, financial advisory, and tax planning.