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Tim Hallock

Tim Hallock
Tim Hallock is semi-retired since June 1, 2018.  He previously serviced as the Director of Quality Improvement for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services – Division of Care and Treatments Services. 
Tim has over 35 years of experience applying quality methods in service, healthcare, education and government organizations. He learned quality methods in the early 80’s working as a consultant with Fed. Express.
He holds Master degrees in Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management. He is certified as a Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma. He teaches concepts of organizational quality management, measurement and performance excellence.  
He has served the US Department of Commerce since 1995 as a member of Baldrige National Quality Award – Board of Examiner. He has supported the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence since 1998 as a trainer, examiner, judge and Board of Directors.
Tim spent 20 years with SSM Healthcare System where he initiated quality systems and helped lead SSM to becoming the first healthcare recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards. Beginning in 1998 he has coordinated the writing of 23 applications to either State and National Quality Awards. 
Tim is here today to share stories of quality and explain what performance excellence means for people in organizations wanting to be the best they can be.