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Featured Speaker

Lynne Franklin

Lynne Franklin spent most of her career teaching executives to connect with investors, the media, and their own employees. Along the way, she became a neuroscience nerd: translating how the brain works into practical, easy-to-use communication tools. 

Leaders and teams work with Lynne to break down the communication silos in their organizations. They advance their careers by building more rapport, creating more trust, and developing cultures where people want to work.
Lynne is a leadership communication consultant, coach and speaker, and past president of the National Speakers Association Illinois Chapter. She wrote Getting Others To Do What You Want ( and is working on her next book—Leaders on Rapport: Secrets to Creating Successful Connections.
Lynne’s TEDx Talk, on how to be a mind reader, went viral with over 3.5 million views ( To keep her sanity, she does song parodies: creating lyrics about the pandemic and singing them to familiar tunes on YouTube (