Featured Speaker

Deena Baikowitz

Deena “Fireball” Baikowitz comes from four generations of feisty career women. Her favorite expression is “I know someone you should meet, let me introduce you.” As the Co-Founder and Chief Networking Officer of Fireball Network, Deena is passionate about helping professionals build strategic relationships for business and career success. Fireball Network provides coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaker services. Fireball Network works with individuals and organizations across global hospitality, investment, finance, real estate, law, entertainment, and other professional services sectors.
Deena is a dynamic and engaging speaker, business and career coach, and workshop facilitator. She teaches people how to work a room, create their own unique personal and professional brand, market their expertise, and expand their networks. Deena can work a room in English, French, Spanish, and Hebrew. Her creative activities include writing and performing stand-up comedy.