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Keynote Speaker

Craig Kielburger

Social entrepreneur. Humanitarian. New York Times bestselling author. Co-founder of the WE organizations, including WE Charity, ME to WE and WE Day.


Since the age of 12, Craig has helped countless people around the world lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.


Craig’s incredible journey started in his parents’ living room. From visiting the most poverty-stricken and war-torn parts of the world to sitting on Oprah’s couch to building a global organization, Craig has helped change millions of lives and inspired millions of others to make a difference.


Over the past two decades, he and his brother, Marc—fellow WE co-founder—have grown the WE global community to engage over 4 million people in service, including 250,000 students who volunteer to earn their ticket to WE Day, the greatest celebration for social good in the world.


Their innovative social enterprise model, ME to WE, sustains the work of their charitable mission with socially conscious products and experiences. Their work has resulted in a holistic development model, WE Villages, to empower more than one million people in developing communities.


Craig is also the youngest-ever graduate of Kellogg’s Executive MBA program and has received 16 honorary doctorates and degrees for his work in education and human rights. He is a social entrepreneur, a powerful and internationally acclaimed speaker, and has authored 12 books, including his newest, WEconomy: You can find meaning, make a living, and change the world.


Today, he continues to inspire and empower people of all ages to take steps toward making a meaningful difference.