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January 11, 2019

LinkedIn's most in-demand skill of 2019 and CFOs predicted a recession even before December stock market fall.

CFOs Predicted a Recession Even Before December Stock Market Fall


In a quarterly report released by accounting and professional services provider Deloitte Thursday, more than half of the CFOs surveyed said they expect a recession in the U.S. by 2020. At the same time, a gauge of the finance chiefs’ optimism about their own companies’ prospects fell to the lowest level in almost three years.

Alphabet's Board of Directors Accused of Covering Up of Sexual Harassment Claims

Business Insider

The board members of Google-parent company Alphabet are being sued over allegations that the company routinely covered up claims of sexual harassment by executives, including Android creator Andy Rubin who received a $90 million exit package and a "hero's farewell" following an internal investigation about his behavior.

The Most In-Demand Skill of 2019, According to LinkedIn

Yahoo Finance

LinkedIn analyzed hundreds of thousands of job postings in order to determine which skills companies need most in 2019. The most in-demand soft skill in 2019? Creativity. The most in-demand hard skill of 2019 is Cloud Computing.

Powell Does Not 'See a Recession' in 2019

Washington Post

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell predicted the economy is not going to plunge into a deep downturn this year in an interview at the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. Powell stressed the Fed is monitoring potential cracks in the economy and his biggest concern is weakening growth in China and Europe. He also warned a prolonged U.S. government shutdown could become a drag on the economy.

Your CEO's Favorite Apps

Fast Company

Slack for staying in touch, Evernote for to-do lists, Asana or Airtable for workflow management, Ananda for focus, and Headspace for meditation are all apps CEOs around the world are using every day to increase productivity.