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Five Things You Should Read

March 14, 2019

These are the cities where retirees are most prepared and why digital transformation projects fail.

When Succession Planning Problems Lead to Bankruptcy

Robb Report

Steakhouse and Italian restaurant The Palm is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, all because of a lawsuit between family members generations removed from the founders. Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi originally opened the Palm in New York in 1926 and its parent company is now run by third-generation descendants of Pio and John. A trademark lawsuit, first filed in 2012, stems from the fact that Ganzi's grandchildren are also minority owners of the very concept of The Palm—its intellectual property.

Why Digital Transformation Projects Fail

Harvard Business Review

Why do some digital transformation efforts succeed and others fail? Fundamentally, it’s because most digital technologies provide possibilities for efficiency gains and customer intimacy. But if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are flawed, digital transformation will simply magnify those flaws.

Rite Aid Cleans Leadership House


CEO John Standley, COO Kermit Crawford and CFO Darren Karst will all step down, Rite Aid said in a statement this week. In the past two years, Rite Aid has seen multiple mergers fall through, leaving an uncertain future for the company with no clear end game.

These Are The Cities Where Retirees Are Most Prepared


SmartAsset looked at seven criteria: percent of seniors with retirement income, retirement income levels, food stamp reliance, poverty rate, home-ownership rate, the housing cost–burdened rate for seniors, and housing costs as a percent of retirement income.The top 10 cities where seniors are best prepared for their retirement can be found in Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, and Colorado.

5 Tips for Finding a Mentor


Don’t think small when looking for a mentor. Instead, ask yourself: 'Who in your local area is working in your field of interest on a larger than local scale?' Another tip: ask friends, neighbors and colleagues if they admire an executive who might be willing to mentor you. Be prepared and do your research. Establish an informal relationship first. Finally, don't discount family.