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FEI Weekly

October 10, 2019

How to avoid a foreign market foul, best growth opportunities in the US and simply be grateful

How Not to Foul Out of a Key Global Markets

Yale Insights

The NBA is experiencing a “nightmare scenario” for global organizations when they find themselves navigating conflicting values in key markets. The key to success in this type of crisis is twofold: to make sure you have friends and allies that appreciate what values you stand for and to make sure people know and appreciate the value you bring to their community.

Key to Your Third Quarter Earnings Call

Yahoo Finance

As Wall Street fixates its eyes on earnings over the next few weeks, one CIO says they won’t have a long-term impact. 2019 will see virtually no earnings growth for the full year, noting we already had a shallow earnings recession in the first half of the calendar year. There is an expansion of the price/earnings multiple, meaning 2019 is about valuations, not earnings.

Managing the Growing US Opportunity Gap

McKinsey Quarterly

Just 25 urban areas and their surrounding communities have accounted for a majority of the US job growth since the Great Recession. These areas are poised to generate 60 percent of job growth in the decade ahead. The divergence in opportunity across America has significant implications for where and how companies invest, hire, locate operations and even where they will find their customers.

UK Accounting Watchdog Bulks Up


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC), Britain’s accounting regulator, launched its biggest recruitment drive on Wednesday to hire 80 more staff and take its total headcount to 280. The FRC plans to transform itself into a more powerful body to improve audit quality.

Be Grateful and Succeed


‘Gratitude… is the moral memory of mankind,’ according to one philosopher. Gratitude doesn’t let people forget that they must accept some future sacrifice to benefit a past benefactor. And as research has shown the more gratitude people feel toward those who have helped them, the more diligently they will work to pay them back.