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2010 Goodwill Impairment Study


In November 2009, Duff & Phelps and FERF published the results of its comprehensive 2009 Goodwill Impairment Study.  The 2009 Study examined U.S. publicly-traded companies’ recognition of goodwill impairment at the height of the financial crisis, and featured a comparative analysis of the goodwill impairments for over 5,000 companies, as well as the findings of a survey of FEI members.

The Goodwill Impairments 2010 follows up and expands on the 2009 study’s results.  In the 2010 study, the time horizon over which goodwill impairments are studied is extended to five years (2005 to 2009), enabling an assessment of goodwill impairment trends over time.  In addition, the 2010 study features an analysis of the relative performance of companies in the 12 months before (and the 12 months after) goodwill is impaired.

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