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XBRL Reference Guide: Guidance for the Application and Conversion Capabilities of XBRL


Report Synopsis This reference book provides background on XBRL, and has been prepared to show you how to implement XBRL in your company. It includes the following documents: • An SEC transcript of Chairman Cox’s remarks at the 12th XBRL International Conference; • The SEC’s final rule on XBRL, dated February 3, 2005, “XBRL Financial Reporting Program on the EDGAR System”; • “Financial Reporting in the XBRL Age: A Step-by-Step XBRL Implementation,” a FERF Executive Report; • “EDGAR Online Provides New Investment Analysis Capabilities with XBRL-Tagged Data,” a Gartner white paper dated December 1, 2005; and • “A ‘Revolution’ in Corporate Reporting?” from the January/February issue of Financial Executive magazine.

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