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Technology Issues for Financial Executives - 2010 Annual Report


The 2010 Technology Issues Survey, the second year that Gartner conducted the study for FERF, provided 482 responses to approximately 50 questions that covered senior financial executives' views of technology. FEI’s Committee on Finance & IT (CFIT) helped develop the survey questions. The results of this year’s study were consistent with those of the 2009 study, although some noteworthy changes were brought out in the individual research. The following 10 observations are important for organizations to understand and digest for benchmarking and for improving the relationship between finance and the IT organization: • As a major technology influencer, the CFO may have more clout in technology investment decisions than the CIO; • Web-oriented software, cloud computing, social networking and GRC are viewed as leading technologies by the CFO; • CFOs believe that ERP projects have largely been successful; • CFOs promote “return to growth” strategies for IT; • Ramping up efforts in 2010, CFOs see the critical nature of improving data quality; • CFOs aren’t yet sold on XBRL; • CFOs are still resisting action of IFRS; • CFOs view profitability management as the top technological constraint; • CFOs focus on BI and CPM investments in 2010; • CFOs see outsourcing growing 24% and shared service deployments increasing 23%. The FERF Technology Issues report also summarizes the key findings and recommendations provided in eight Gartner research reports based on the survey, and provide links to these reports with no charge or registration required. It also provides links to ten Gartner research reports based on the 2009 survey.

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