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Taxation of U.S. Corporations Doing Business Abroad: U.S. Rules and Competitiveness Issues - Second Edition


This executive report revisits the influential 1996 study by the same authors. A general guide to the principles of U.S. international taxation and the effects of tax rules on the competitiveness of U.S.-based multinational corporations, the authors find the highly complex tax structure for these companies often places them at a disadvantage to foreign competitors. The authors – PricewaterhouseCoopers tax experts Peter R. Merrill, principal, and Carl A. Dubert, senior manager – acknowledge many positive changes since 1996, while highlighting areas of continuing concern to financial executives operating internationally. In the attached PDF you can view the following appendices to the study -- Withholding Tax Rates in U.S. Income Treaties, Comparison of Tax Systems of the U.S., France, Germany and Japan, and the Key International Corporate Code Sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

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