Avnet Logistics & Solutions Center Tour


Did you say “Field Trip”???

FEI’s January dinner speaker, Phil Gallagher, invited us to come take a look at their facilities and take a peek behind the curtain.

So of course, we said YES!

The Avnet Distribution Center is 404,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space that has been in a continuous improvement mode since 1987 when the building opened. Avnet is proud of its "clean room" environment that features white walls and air conditioning and spotless concrete floors with a special coating to minimize electrostatic discharges. The tour will be conducted by Shaune Pittman, Vice President, Logistics Operations, Americas.

One of the largest B2B distributors of electronic components and computer systems, Avnet handles 120,000+ SKUs of small, fragile parts and serves customers in 63 countries. It serves its customers with better than 99.9% accuracy, processing almost all orders in the same day with throughput of 9,000 daily line picks.

Join us to hear and see how Avnet has made dramatic improvements in inventory management and visibility while reducing labor needs and increasing the value-added services it offers. 

Note: Everyone must wear flats (no high heels) for this tour.