March 2019: To The Moon!


CPE Presentations

CFO Oversight of I.T. Projects: How to survive the windmills and muddles
Bill Pennock, CEO, Squaretree Software

Change is inevitable in I.T. projects and is frustrating when the budget increases and the end is not clear. This does not have to be the case. Topics we’ll address:

  • How to control budget in an ever changing (scope creep) project
  • What information should a CFO look for?
  • Why are projects 90% done for weeks or months?
  • Would you like a way to know how much is really done?
  • Key mistakes made in managing IT projects

What you need to know about negotiating tenant-friendly leases in a landlord-friendly market
Blake Hardison, Keyser

Negotiating a commercial real estate lease can be an overwhelming prospect even in the most tenant-friendly markets. In landlord-friendly markets like the one we find ourselves in currently, landlords use their increased leverage to take even greater advantage of tenants. Blake will provide detailed explanation of several age-old landlords tactics and how to turn the negotiating tables in favor of tenants--even when market conditions are stacked against them.

Dinner Presentation

To The Moon!
Lauren Bailey, CEO & co-founder, Upward Projects

Upward Projects Co-Founder & CEO Lauren Bailey will tell the story of the company's bootstrapping beginnings to how they've soulfully scaled to 13 locations and over 700 employees with an engaged, people-first culture.


Lauren Bailey

CEO & co-founder
Upward Projects

Mr. Bill Pennock