April 2023 - Joe McDonald, New Freedom


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Updated State of the M&A Market; How to Get a Deal Done in a Complicated Environment
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We will present trends in the M&A market which reflect the new reality affecting transactions based on deal size, industry, pricing, and the “new leverage” world.  Post Covid, there are still winners and losers where the business model and the ongoing focus is on how operations continue to drive value – meaning is the new multiple the same as the old multiple?     

Commercial Banking – State of the Union
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  1. Current Banking Industry Challenges
  2. Banking Deposit and Loan Appetites
  3. Banking Relationship – Critical Thinking

Dinner Presentation

Starting something that has never been done before. The New Freedom program.

New Freedom is an Arizona Based company that has had significant impact on the behavioral health and re-entry space by introducing innovative and groundbreaking approaches meeting the needs of individuals dealing with mental health issues, post incarceration disorder and/or re-entry into society after being incarcerated.

You will be fascinated as you hear about their unique program andbusiness challenges from their CEO Joe McDonald.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Mr. David Barnett

Managing Director
Columbia West

Brian Barry

Market Team Lead - Commercial Banking
BOK Financial

Joe McDonald

Chief Executive Officer
New Freedom

Mr. Ron Parker

Senior Vice President / Commercial Banking
BOK Financial