Radio Entrepreneurs Interviews With FEI Boston

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Interview with Jeff Mead, Partner, AAFCPAs | Watch Video >>
Partner Jeff Mead from AAFCPAs talks about the benefits of being a member of FEI including connections with other members and the opportunities to expand your network. In particular, becoming involved in a committee as a way to effectively integrate within the FEI organization. He explains that what you get “out of FEI” is related to what you “put into FEI.”

Interview with Aviva Sapers & Ed Wallack | Watch Video >>
Aviva Sapers & Ed Wallack from one of FEI Boston's Partner Firms talk about how FEI has helped them grow their business; the great network of people they have met being members; and the women’s network within FEI.

Interview with Al Faber, FEI Director Emeritus & Joe DiLorenzo, FEI Past President | Watch Video >>
Al Faber and Joe DiLorenzo analyze the personal and professional value propositions of active FEI Boston Chapter membership as well as their past significant leadership roles. They also talk about the legacy of F. Gorham Brigham JR and his mantra of honor, ethics and doing the right thing for the next person. Paying It Forward without Quid Pro Quo is what has made the Boston Business Community so relationship-driven. Al and Joe, along with a very significant number of other FEI members and non-members, are thankful for the wonderful mentorship they have received and given over many years. That is what FEI Boston has and will continue to be about for many years to come.

Interview with Beth Kurth, Partner, Conway Communications | Watch Video >>
Want to learn 3 more reasons to participate in FEI? In the below interview, FEI Boston Board Member, Beth Kurth, provides insight into our in-person and online programming.

Interview with John Rogol & Jack Sheehan | Watch Video >>
Jack Sheehan, current FEI Boston President, and John Rogol, Past President, discuss their financial backgrounds, how they became engaged in FEI and some of the services offered by the organization nationally and locally.  

Interview with Priya Chanduraj, FEI Secretary and Diversity Champion | Watch Video >>
Priya Chanduraj holds the roles of Secretary ad Diversity Champion for FEI Boston and is Finance Director, Global Control/Compliance at Schneider Electric. In this interview, Priya reviews the importance of diversity in finance roles. 

Interview with Chris Caprio FEI Programs Chair | Watch Video >>
As Chair of the Programs Committee, Chris shares details of some of the exciting upcoming Executive Events planned for this year and also discusses his history with FEI Boston.