Leveraging LinkedIn & Your Personal Brand

“If you’re not defining your brand, someone else is going to define it for you.” ​ 
Branding isn’t just for companies. Professionals each have their own story to tell and goals, skills, and expertise to share. In today’s increasingly digital world, a personal brand is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s expected. 
When used effectively, LinkedIn is a powerful tool you can use to tell your story, your brand and build professional connections that will serve you well in your current and future endeavors. 
Join us for a hands-on introduction to leveraging LinkedIn and your personal brand.  
kelly_kellen.jpgSpeaker:  Kelly Kellen is a university professor in digital marketing and entrepreneurship at Aurora University and serves a fractional CMO and consultant to small and medium sized businesses. 
Kelly Kellen, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dunham School of Business and Public Policy - Aurora University
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