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FEI Chicago Member/Sponsor Spotlight - Benny Mathew

This newsletter feature highlights FEI Members and Sponsors doing great things!
Our first spotlight features Benny Mathew, Senior Manager at Baker Tilly Search & Staffing. Here’s the good work Benny is doing.
After the murder of George Floyd and the events that followed immediately, I wanted to make a positive impact leveraging my relationships and using the platforms I have, to talk about Anti–Blackness in the business community. This is a four step plan and the videos below are part of
Step 1: Listen and Learn.

I have posted 27 video discussions on LinkedIn since Covid started with different, well known, successful, business leaders in Chicago revolving around different relevant topics. This series “Disrupting Anti-Blackness in Business” is the most impactful, because of the times that we’re living in.  

Below are the first four videos. I will add at least six more. You can view them on LinkedIn as soon as it’s posted, so feel free to connect with me if we’re already not connected. It’s important for people to hear different perspectives from real people in our community. I will focus on highlighting different black leaders to create visibility of them and I will also talk to people that are not black so they can share how they feel and what they’re going to do. In order to make this world a better place, especially our city of Chicago, by getting rid of the racial injustice that’s going on, we need to listen to each other and we need to take actions to better society.  

CCQ #22: Cindu Thomas-George - Founder Shakti Diversity & inclusion - How to Disrupt Anti-Blackness in the work place

CCQ #23 - Sharada Sullivan (CBRE - Sr Dir of Finance) - Listening Sessions on Anti-Blackness

CCQ #24 - Garry Cooper - CEO of Rheaply - How it feels to be a Black CEO in 2020

CCQ # 25 – Ablorde Ashigbi – CEO of 4 Degrees – How it feels to be a Black CEO in 2020 part 2

Here's a link to my Orion3 YouTube channel in case you’re interested in watching some of the other videos that I posted. You can hit the “subscribe” button for free and you’ll see them as I post.

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