Cyber Security Panel Discussion

We had a fantastic Cyber Security program with record-breaking attendance on Tuesday, January 15th.  

The panel speakers included Michael Lucas of Crowe, Adam Ellis of Lincoln Financial, Pete Schmidt of First Bank of Berne, and Brandon Warner of Symplexity

The Panel addressed threats businesses face such as untrained employees, sophisticated phishing email threats, incomplete backups, and backups that cannot be quickly restored.  The threats include professional actors taking data hostage, stealing intellectual property, obtaining information for fraudulent wire transfers and stealing personal data and protected information to sell to others.  To address these issues, the Panel recommended taking a step back and looking at where your company is susceptible to threats and breakdowns.  Only after you have a firm grasp of your exposure are you able to take action to remediate those threats.  Companies who don’t remediate their exposure risk breaches that can damage their reputations (Target), monetary losses, and compliance & regulatory issues.  

The Panel stressed that trained employees are a company’s first defense.  This includes making sure your employees do not use the same password over several platforms.  If there is a breach, many different applications become vulnerable if the same password is used.  Obviously, this makes password management an issue.  The Panel recommended LastPass, KeePass, or a Privileged Access Management PAM system.  

The Panel left us with three takeaways that as non-IT professionals we can take back to the office and implement.

  1. Have a frank and open dialogue with your IT staff  
  2. Do an independent validation of your system and review your environment
  3. Make sure your employees receive sufficient training

A Cybersecurity Resources handout from the meeting can be downloaded here.