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Fort Wayne Chapter Happenings – June 2020

Message from the President
What an unexpected end to our year! I’m sure many of you feel like I do … tired. I’m definitely tired of some new words I’ve learned since the beginning of the year … coronavirus and COVID-19 to name a few. I’m also tired of stay-at-home order and CARES Act. It’s taken over our work life as well as our home life. This time has been a challenge for us as financial leaders. We are trusted to make the right decisions, but at times it is a difficult balancing act between empathy for our constituents and doing what is logically best for the business. One thing I can say is that I have not been bored and I’ve learned a lot! I’m confident many of you can say the same.

Thanks to Troy Linder for the well-organized and informative tour of Fort Wayne Metals. We’ve been trying to schedule that for a few years, and it was worth the wait! Thanks to Kyle Farmer/Edward Jones for bringing us the virtual event Guide to the Markets. Thanks to John Minnich for leading a Career Management virtual session on data analytics. I hope you were able to join some of the webinars put on by National FEI as well. Webinars have taken over my calendar and I’m sure many of you would say the same.

I am looking forward to our June 4 planning event. We’ve got a record number of members participating this year since we moved to a virtual event. Well, the pizza may have had something to do with that as well. Thanks to Matt Fortney, CFO of Pizza Hut, for assisting us with pizza delivery to your home or office during this event. I hope all of you enjoy munching on your mushrooms and pepperoni as you help plan an engaging 2020/21 Fort Wayne FEI year.

As we head into next year, there are a lot of unknowns. We are hoping to be able to pull together some sort of live event during the summer, one in which social distancing can occur. From there, we will have to see where this goes. The Program Committee will have their work cut out for them! 

FEI’s Financial Leadership Summit, originally planned for May 2020, has been rescheduled to October 28-30. I’m hopeful that those who originally planned to attend will join us in October at The Palmer House. If you are interested, registration remains open online. The close proximity is a real bonus!


My wish for you is that you stay healthy and your families as well!

Judy Roy
President, Fort Wayne Chapter
EVP-Finance & Administration | Indiana Tech