Where Are My CPE Certificates?

FEI maintains your CPE records for our events here on our website, and the directions below will guide you to accessing your certificates.

Accessing Your CPE Credits
1.  Sign in to FEI’s website:  www.financialexecutives.org   The sign-in link is located in the top-right corner in the desktop version, or under MENU in the mobile version.  If you need sign-in assistance, please contact the chapter at nashville@financialexecutives.org .  If you’ve attended an FEI event, you already have a profile with log-in credentials linked to these credits. Please check with the team before creating a new one.
2.  Locate CPE Center in the Your FEI box.  Note: create a CPE profile the first time you visit the CPE Center by clicking “Manage Profiles.”

3.  Manage/Edit CPE Profiles
     Complete the sections on the form as indicated below:

State of Registration:  Select the State/Commonwealth in which you are a CPA.  If you are not a CPA but still require CPE, leave this field blank.

Date of most recent renewal:  Enter the most recent renewal or audit date.  If unknown, enter a date that is before the date of the CPE event you attended.  DO NOT LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK.

 Renewal Period: Enter the number of years in renewal period.  If unknown, leave blank.
 Required Credits:  Enter number of required credits in renewal period.  If unknown, leave blank.
Click SAVE PROFILE, then click Back to CPE Center to return to the CPE Center when profile is complete.
4.  Receive CPE credit and certificate of completion.  CPE sessions must be evaluated by attendees in order to access certificates of completion.  Sessions awaiting evaluation will be noted at the top of the CPE Center.  Click on Fill in the event survey to complete them.  This will take you to the required evaluation.  Once complete, click Back to CPE Center.
5.  Print Your Certificate.  You will be able to print a certificate immediately after saving the evaluation.  Certificates are accessible under the Certificates column.  Click on Non-CPA or the State/Commonwealth in the Certificates column to access and print the certificate as many times as you wish.  Please retain a copy of each certificate for your records.