The Surprising Key to A Successful Turnaround StrategyA Q&A With Violin System CEO Ebrahim Abbasi

As seen in FEI DAILY ON DECEMBER 13, 2017

Dissent may not evoke feelings of optimism in most executives. But according to Ebrahim Abbasi, CEO of Violin Systems, that’s just what you need to make the necessary changes to turn a company around.

Two CFOs Tell a Tale of Fraud at HealthSouth

As seen in on March 27, 2017

The infamous $2.7 billion accounting scandal at HealthSouth, which was perpetrated from 1996 through 2002, left a trail of misery in its wake. Included in the carnage was the imprisonment of CEO Richard Scrushy and several HealthSouth CFOs, among a number of other company officials.

Former HealthSouth CFOs Warn Against Easing SOX Rules

As seen in the Wall Street Journal on March 9, 2017

Two former finance chiefs say loosening the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate governance law is a bad idea. They should know–it’s the legislation that helped send them to jail.

Financial Executives Divided on their Job Futures

press release - january 2017

Could the roles of senior financial executives grow obsolete, replaced by a robot or technology?  A substantial number of senior financial executives surveyed by Financial Executives International's New York City Chapter think so, according to results of a survey by Financial Executives International's New York Chapter. 

Will Automation Take Over Senior Finance Jobs?

As seen in on JANUARY 11, 2017

Could the roles of senior finance executives grow obsolete, replaced by a robot or other technology? Some of them apparently think so, according to a poll by the New York chapter of Financial Executives International.

Why Even the C-Suite Might Not Be Safe From Automation


They could very well have been today’s CFOs contemplating the nature and value of their role in tomorrow’s organization. Advances in information technology are nipping at their heels. Will they survive and if so, in what form? Or will they, like the dinosaurs in the magazine cartoon, fall flat on their backs and fade into extinction?

Former Lehman CFO Offers Career Warnings


Where do you draw the line between a successful career as an executive and having a happy life? Erin Callan Montella gives her perspective on the challenges of a high-powered career and how others can and should maintain balance in their lives.