Why Content Engagement Is Critical on LinkedIn

Provided by Alyssa Gelbard, Founder & President, Point Road Group

An optimized LinkedIn profile is a critical foundation for a strong LinkedIn presence, but to increase your visibility and get more noticed, engage with content. How you interact (like, share, comment etc.) impacts impressions you make, which in turn, influences business and career opportunities. Pay attention to what and how you post to ensure everything best represents you and aligns with your personal brand.
Interacting with content provides an opportunity to be a resource and share your subject matter expertise. While LinkedIn may be a social media platform, it is a professional one, so the material you share and react to should be professional in nature as well. Choose quality content that reflects relevant areas of expertise and interest (including what FEI shares!). Remember that you’re making impressions with everything you engage with.
Keep interaction interesting with a mix of subject matter (articles, events, your accomplishments, research, corporate capabilities etc.) and post types (image, text, video). Look at how often you engage too. Consistency is key, so commenting once every few weeks isn’t enough to be viewed as a go-to resource and expert.
To convey real expertise, don’t just like posts or say “check this out,” as that won’t differentiate you. Add perspective, insight and opinion, even if brief. Others will take notice and react more positively and likely engage with your posts, shares and comments. Start and contribute to conversations by asking a question, adding information or agreeing/disagreeing (with a reason why). Use @-mentions too to tag individuals and companies and add relevant hashtags to broaden your reach.
Actively engaging with content on LinkedIn is a great way to strengthen your personal brand and take visibility to the next level. It will not only increase your reach and grow your network, but it will also help drive business and career opportunities.
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