Job Opening: Finance Director, Taqtile in Seattle


At Taqtile, we believe the increasing complexity of industrial machinery, combined with retiring experts, means that experts matter more today than they ever have.

We have made it our mission as a company to make everyone an expert and we accomplish this by giving them knowledge when and where they need it.

We make Manifest, a platform to harness, distribute and apply what you know. Manifest gives deskless workers instant virtual access to, and step-by-step guidance from, your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime.


As Finance Director, you will be the point-person for all things finance at Taqtile. Your stakeholders will include the Senior Leadership Team, customers, investors, vendors, and strategic partners.  Job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the Senior Leadership Team to provide sound financial guidance:
    • Understand which KPI’s matter and how to track them
    • Generate actionable goals from forecasting and reporting results
    • Connect the dots from finance to strategy and marketing
  • Spearhead finance-led asks for outside financial partners
    • Long-term forecasting for banks, VC’s, other funding sources
    • Investor relations for both existing and potential investors
    • Partner with CPA firm for tax and audit
  • Monthly accounting and bookkeeping
    • Understand SaaS accounting standards on a GAAP basis
    • Handle tracking of Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Managing vendors, contractors, agencies and other registered bodies
    • Negotiate terms of timing and payment
    • Procure resources for customers and the Taqtile team
  • Human Resources
    • Payroll and Expense Reports / reimbursements
    • New Employee Onboarding (healthcare, 401k etc)
  • Banking management for credit cards, PPP Loan, other lines of credit
  • Tax compliance, state and local

A successful Finance Director candidate will have the following traits:

  • Sound understanding of SaaS financial analysis and accounting principles
  • Self-starter: you will be expected to drive the completion of work without supervision
  • Creativity: the job description shouldn’t limit your value-add to Taqtile
  • Communication Skills: you’ll be communicating to audiences that range from seasoned bankers to engineering/product team members with no financial training.  You need to be able to communicate with both audiences in a clear, concise way
  • Perseverance: much of the work we’re doing is new.  Building on it is often a function of coming up with an idea and making sure that you see it through to the end
  • Accountability: we take responsibility for the things we say that we’re going to do
  • Affability: we enjoy a workplace where people are kind and treat each other with respect

Benefits of the Finance Director position include:

  • Work directly with senior management in a growing SaaS business
  • Be at the forefront of the budding Augmented Reality industry
  • Lead Taqtile’s finance presence with investors, bankers and other financial partners
  • Competitive compensation, stock options and health insurance
  • WeWork membership and flexible working arrangements

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to