Story-Based Development Available Online, Anytime, Anywhere, Featuring Top Financial Leaders


The FEI Leadership Master Class is an online, story-based learning program for financial executives, focused on the leadership skills they need to succeed. The course is designed to enhance the interpersonal and leadership skills critical for CFOs and other financial executives and emerging leaders. The storytelling feature of this class is important, as stories can bring together or cohere the complex topics and facts in an engaging, “easy to hear” and “be connected to” approach to leadership development. 

The stories in this course told by seasoned financial leaders — Andrej Suskavcevic, Linda Zukauckas and Leslie Siedman — and cover a wide range of topics including attributes of leadership, the human side of the financial world, organizational culture, and how personal connectedness and technology mix. These "sought after" leadership stories have been captured during intimate conversational interviews; that is, they are uncommon and authentic. They are related — simple, but not simplistic -- and sense making, as all storytelling should be.

The course consists of several online modules that take the learner through a story-based curriculum covering the leadership skills executives need to succeed in the C-suite. The program consists of 2.0 hours of video stories offered in 2-10 minute burst-videos™ along with some bonus coursework divided into nine modules. Progresses and knowledge transfer are measured through assessment questions. Participants can also access online forums to join the online conversations on a particular topic, create their own question for the class, or seek support from course leaders and peers also participating in the course.

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