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FERF has created this page as an opportunity for Smartpros subscribers to participate in FERF’s surveys. Survey results will provide relevant benchmarking data to provide relavent, unbiased research to support financial executives, their organization and the profession.


Responses are anonymous and confidential. Survey participants will be emailed a complimentary copy of the report. If you are not the best person to complete one of these surveys, please forward this link to the person at your company who is.


In addition, all SmartPros subscribers have access to sample FERF reports downloadable below.



FERF, in collaboration with FEI's Committee on Finance & IT (CFIT) and Gartner, is launching the 16th annual Technology Issues for Financial Executives survey.  We do this survey each year to get your perspective on how the finance function uses IT. The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete.  All responses are confidential and participants will remain anonymous.
Is Your Accounting & Finance Function 

 FERF, in collaboration with Robert Half (RH), has launched the 6th annual enchmarking the Finance Function Survey. Your company's participation in this important survey will provide valuable data for fellow FEI members and document current trends in finance. The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. We ask for your e-mail address to avoid compiling duplicate responses from the same company. All responses are confidential, and participants will remain anonymous. Closes November 30th.
How effective is your ethics program?

 Have corporate ethics programs become a check the box   exercise, and no longer effective? This research report intends to reveal whether they are or not, and what ways management can improve these programs to be in line with Principal #1 of 2013 COSO Framework “the organization demonstrates a commitment to integrity and ethical value.” Is your ethics program effective? Please share why or why not. 
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Since much has been written about descriptive and diagnostic analytics, we will focus on predictive and prescriptive analytics – technologies that will transform the finance function by 1) providing forward-looking insights, 2)aligning the enterprise to the optimal course of action, 3) quantifying trade-offs fast and with low cost-of-ownership, and 4) increasing the ability to communicate and collaborate across functions.  These transformative characteristics will lead to a significant improvement in performance.  
Today, companies are already harnessing these technologies and computing power to “predict” trends, and “prescribe” the proper course of action that optimizes the enterprise’s core objective, like profit.  In Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Transform the finance function with groundbreaking decision support; we’ll highlight insights derived from in-depth interviews with senior-level executives conducted by Financial Executives Research Foundation Inc. (FERF) and Grant Thornton LLP. The four case study organizations in this report presently use advanced analytics in their business, and, as you will see, are gaining significant profit improvement to their business.

The Importance of Business Intelligence to
Finance has always had a role in corporate strategy. As technology continues to evolve, business units have access to better business intelligence (BI) resulting in greater strategic influence within the organization. However, this may be creating a disadvantagefor companies that choose to sidestep thorough and qualified financial analysis. This report addresses these concerns by recognizing departmental influence on budget for new Strategic Corporate Performance Management   (Strategic CPM) tools. By examining results released from “The CFOs’ Top Imperatives: Results of the 2014 Technology Issues for Financial Executives  Survey” by John Van Decker, vice president of research at Gartner, and conducting a short follow-up survey with financial executives, this report  provides perspectives and recommendations on how Finance organizations can retain key strategic relevance.

This report also intends to contextualize “business intelligence” for Finance             professionals seeking to improve decision-making tools in the wake of trends            pointing to a growing amount of influence Finance is assuming over IT.
Total financial executive compensation improvements — salaries, incentives and benefits — may indicate a turning point in the country’s economic recovery, according to the findings of an annual survey issued by the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) and Grant Thornton LLP.
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