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We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern. Please email us if you have any questions!

►  Main: 973.765.1000
For questions regarding:
►  Chapter Support: 973.765.1040 | [email protected]
►  Member Services: 877.765.1070 | [email protected]
►  Professional Development: 973.765.1029 | [email protected]

Executive Offices

Andrej Suskavcevic, CAE
President and Chief Executive Officer
p: 973.765.1001
Liliana DeVita
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
p: 973.765.1021
Maria O'Grady
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
p: 973.765.1060
Christopher Westfall
Vice President, Content Strategy
p: 973.765.1095

Member Services and Chapter Support / Career Management

► Department Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
► Department Phone: 877.359.1070 or 973.765.1070 | Fax: 973.765.1018
Christine Bell
Director, Chapter Administration Program
p: 973.765.1088
Carmen Carranza
Associate, Strategic Partnership Operations
p: 973.765.1009
Gigi Furlong
Chapter Administrator
p: 973.765.1016
Greg Hatcher
Manager, Member Experience
p: 973.765.1043
Aurora Molina
Associate, Member Experience
p: 973.765.1017
Stuart Williams
Senior Manager, Network and Data Administration
p: 973.765.1061
Tish Ysambart
Director, Operations | Governance
p: 973.765.1034
Max Zhang
Manager, Network and Data Administration
p: 973.765.1098

Professional Development

► Department Email: [email protected]
► For questions regarding CPE credits, please email [email protected].
► Department Phone: 973.765.1029
Kelly Somers
Manager, Professional Development
p: 973.765.1084
Boyana Maras
Senior Associate, Professional Development
p: 973.765.1012

Content and Research

Olivia Berkman
Director, Content
p: 973.765.1058
Alexis Brower
Senior Associate, Digital Content
p: 973.765.1013
Doug Hoekstra
Director, Digital Content
p: 973.765.1069
Dan McDevitt
Manager, Web Development and Training
p: 973.765.1022
Shivani Somaiya
Senior Associate, Content
p: 973.765.1027

Technical Activities

► Department Fax: 973.765.1018
Jaclyn Beam
Associate, Professional Accounting Fellow
Christina Coulter
Manager, Technical Committee Operations
p: 973.765.1047
Alex Debbink
Professional Accounting Fellow
p: 973.765.1007
Jenna Donnelly
Manager, Technical Accounting
p: 973.765.1015

Strategic Partnerships

Rosanne Bump
Director, Strategic Partnerships
p: 973.765.1096
Arnaldo Diaz
Manager, Strategic Partnerships
p: 973.765.1010
Sue Khawaja
Manager, Strategic Partnerships
p: 973.765.1019

Finance and Administration

►Department Fax: 973.765.1044 or 973.765.1018
Rudy Katzenberger
Director, Finance and Administration
p: 973.765.1037
Lorna Raagas
Director, Financial and Administration
p: 973.765.1033